week 6

1 . Keyboard, Mouse,Microphone,USB stick,Scanner

2.  hard disk drive,printer, projecter,monitor

3.  Floopy disk drives, Cd/Dvd/ driver, USB


5. Look at the back of your computer and identify the cables that are            Connected to it.

Depending on the number of peripherals you are using there may be several cables attached at this time. The most frequent are:

• Line cord

• The mouse cable

• Keyboard cable

• Monitor cable

Disconnect the power cord from the computer. Always keep your antistatic wrist strap connected to chassis ground on the computer. If it comes loose during the disassembly process, reattach it immediately.

Disconnect the cable that connects the keyboard to the computer by pulling it straight back from the computer. Take a sticker and write down keyboard and stick it on the keyboard cable. This is a good way to identify computer pats.

Do the same thing for the mouse cable, the monitor cable and all other computer components you may have attached.

6.  USB,Keyboard,Mouse


Ps-2-ports.jpg The PS/2 connector is a 6-pin Mini-DIN connector used for connecting some keyboards and mice to a PC compatible computer system.

8.You don’t have to power down the device or computer to  un-plug or plug it in.

9. a female DB is at the back of the computer which the male DB connects to



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