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week 7

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What is Spyware? Spyware is a computer software that is installed on a computer in order to gain information about the computer user without his/her consent. It is installed with an intention of monitoring user behavior and collecting information such as personal details, Internet surfing habits and browser activity.

What is the usual virus embedded in Microsoft Word?  it is a macro virus

Stealing someone identity is called? identity theft

Phishing is? a way for people to get your details they claim to be someone they are not they may have a legitimate site too fool you

What is rouge dialling? is a type of computer software used by unscrupulous vendors of adult material on the Internet.

they can then change the internet service provider to a different one which will be a higher bill.

What is a strong password? a1b2c34c$ something with words numbers and symbols

What is an internet security suite? it protects against spyware and different viruses

What do you do if you see a bugbear virus?  Scan with your anti-virus software.

What does the firewall do?  it protects stuff from coming into your system and infecting it

What signs does a secure website show? it may show a padlock sign

Making you e-mail address looks as if it coming from another website is called? spoofing

Who do you inform about rouge dialer? The independent committee of supervision and standards

What are these symbols? emotion smileys

What is a netiquette ? the behaviour that you should have while been on the internet

What is the name of the person monitoring postings on a newsgroup? administrator

What is a hotlinking? Link to an image which is on another website

Grooming? is type of threat is aimed mainly at young people.  Typically, an older person will use the Internet and its services to communicate with younger people.  The groomer will not give accurate information about themselves and in many cases will pretend to be a younger person.

Phishing? stealing personal details through fake advertisement on e-mails.

File Sharing? distributing or providing access to digitally stored information.

Bandwidth? a rate of data transfer.