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week 5 What is acceptable policy?

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Many of the places where you can access the Internet, such as schools, colleges or libraries, operate an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) covering access computer equipment and the Internet. Each local authority will probably have an individual AUP policy reflecting the local circumstances. Each person using computers may have to sign a form saying that they accept the policy.

What are the five rules? 

  • Rule 1  always be suspicious when you are using the internet
  • Rule 2 never give you’re password out unless it is someone you completely trust
  • Rule 3 don’t go online without having an antivirus software
  • Rule 4 make sure you know about the latest virus threats so you can avoid anti virus attack
  • Rule 5 keep you’re operating system up to date by regularly updating it


     List some of the precautions that you might take in order to avoid online threats?  you can always carry out a security online virus check

What an internet security suite consists of? anti-virus, anti-adware,anti-spam and prehaps firewall  or protection phishing

Why a password is an important security defence? it is important because you can keep you’re files safe so that no one else can accsess them if you’re password is weak such as you’re name then it will be easy for peole to accsess you’re stuff.

What is a dictionary attack?  is when people go through  every word in the dictionary  entering it as a password to try and hack into you’re computer.

What is a brute force attack? What is a brute forece attack? brute-force attack may have a dictionary of all words or a listing of commonly used passwords. To gain access to the account using a brute-force attack, the program would try all the available words it has to gain access to the account. Another brute-force attack is a program that runs through all letters or letters and numbers until it gets a match.

What a recommend minimum password should be? it should contain a minuimum of 8 characters and have numbers letters and symbols.

What is a strong password? */*Nobody*/*Knows*/*

What is a firewall?  is a form of internet defence Just as it is recommended that a user should keep up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware software running on their system, it is also critical to maintain a strong firewall.

How to activate firewall on you’re machine? click start and then control pannel then system and security and then widows firewall

Is firewall a software or hardware? it can be both

Free available firewall software? Zone alram Windows firewall

Whait is a proxy server? A proxy server is one that acts on behalf of another server, usually for Web related purposes.

Draw a diagram  of a proxy server? 



List some available proxy server software?  anoymizer, the cloak, the free country.

What is the content filtering? Content filtering software works by checking the information, eg: URL, typed in by a user against an exclusion list.  This list could also contain words that would be blocked if the user tries to enter them.

What is a backup function and what types of backup functions are available?  a backup function is to help the user retrevie a file if it has been deleted  one option is to use a poratble harddrive.

What is a restore function and what types of restore functions are available? a restore function can be use to transfer critical files between systems.


what is phishing

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How does Phishing work?  Phishing works  by someone who sets up a fake website that is similar or may look identical to the real one to scam people to lose their money.

three steps in detecting a phishing threat? 

  • e-mails that warn of great dangers
  • beware of e-mails that ask for confidential information
  • beware of e-mails that are not personalised

What to do if you are suspicious?  don’t click on any of the links or look for a number and call it.

What is  scrambling information called? scrambling information is called encryption .

Where to look for encryption? you could move you’re cursor over the address bar and if it says https then it will be fake. or look at the bottom right hand side to see if there is a padlock that means its a secure site.

an e-mail program that uses anti-spam?  spamihilator

How many unwanted e-mails does Microsoft receive a day?  3.5 billion

What are the four tips to protect you from online theft? 

1. do not ask for personal information by e-mail.

2. phishing scams generally are not personalized and use urgent wording in their email messages.

3.the links URL does not match the name in the email.

4. download anti phishing software.

Who to report to for identity theft? you can report to the fedaral trade commission

What is SMiShing?  it phishing only diffrence is its on a mobile phone.

How does Phishing work? Phishing works  by someone who sets up a fake website that is similar or may look identical to the real one to scam people to lose their money.

Give summary of

  • Phishing examples: Egg  the anonymous greeting Dear Customer, in a different font from the rest of the messageand the number of minor errors.
  • Phishing examples: Nationwide  if you let your mouse pointer linger over the hyperlink it shows that the page it links to looks nothing like a genuine Nationwide address.
  • Phishing examples: Barclays they have ezaclty everthing the same on the webpage so you will be fooled into givin details.
  • Phishing examples: PayPal the anonymous greeting,and the careless display of the an HTML control (&nbsp) character near the bottom of the page

week 3 How Anti-virus Software Works

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What is a resident mode?   it is a virus that resides in the RAM .

What is a stand-alone mode?  it means the virus does not travel through the networks but stays on the machine

What can a virus do? a virus can work its way through you’re computer and wipe you’re files or worse make you’re computer breakdown.

What is a malware? Malware is short for malicious software, a general term used to cover a wide range of programs that are purposely designed to attack, degrade or prevent the intended use of a computer.

What is spyware? spyware is software which reports back to someone a spy about what sites you have visited and what you are doing on youre computer.

What is a drive-By Downloads?  Drive-by downloads are programs that are automatically sent to your computer when you visit certain websites or view HTML e-mail messages.

What are the steps you need to take in dealing with spyware? 1. Download anti-virus software  2. Once the software has been installed learn how to scan for spyware.

List the clues that allow you to identify a spyware? 

  • Your browser being redirected to sites other than the ones you have specified.  This is known as “browser hijacking”.


  • A change in your Internet browser’s home page.


  • Increased appearance of pop-up ads


  • Extra toolbars appearing on your browser.


  • Unusual and random error messages.


  • New icons appearing on your system tray


  • Keys that don’t work (for example, the “Tab” key might not work when you try to move to the next field in a Web form)


  • Degradation of system performance, especially the CPU and memory.


week 2

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What is a Backdoor?  a backdoor is a way of accessing a computer without going through the normal access routines, such as entering a name and password. It can be installed by a virus or sometimes even by legitimate programs.

week 2

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Mail Bombs

What is a mail bomb? A mail bomb is a form of Denial of service attack . The idea is to flood someone’s system with more e-mail than it can cope with.

What are the two ways a mail bomb can be used?  1. is to send millions of e-mails to one address simultaneously 2. is to send small compressed files that, when decompressed, expand to extremely large files, again filling up the e-mail server and causing a crash.

week 2

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Stealth Viruses

What is a stealth Virus? its a virus that tricks the anti virus software.

Where does a stealth virus insert itself? it inserts itself between the operating system and the antivirus software.

week 2

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Script Viruses

What is a script virus?   Like macro viruses, script viruses use programming languages present on a system to attack it. Indeed, most macro viruses are VBA viruses.

What is VBA? visual basic for applications.

What is VBS? visual basic script edition.

What is JS Give example? it is java script a variation on the Java programming language.