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Week 1

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What is the purpose of a worm and what is a backdoor? A common purpose of worms is to install a backdoor into a computer. These are programs that allow others to gain access to your computer.

What is a logic bomb?  Like other viruses, logic bombs are designed to cause harm to your computer. Logic bombs, however, only trigger when specific conditions are met. For example a computer programmer may insert code into a payroll program that deletes files if her name is not found on the list. This means that files will be deleted if she is ever fired. A company named Omega Engineering lost millions of dollars as a result of a logic bomb left by a former employee.



What is a virus

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What is a Virus?  A virus is a programe in which it changes the way the computer operates and may cause the computer to crash or loose everything.

What is a file infector virus? it is a virus that stays in the memory of the computer even after it has been executed and it goes after files such as applications, games

What is a boot sector virus?floppy disks and hard disks store a small program known as the boot record which is run when the computer starts up. Boot sector viruses attach themselves to this program and execute when the computer tries to start up from an infected disk

What is Multi-Partite or polypartite virus?  these infect both boot records and program files and are very difficult to repair as the virus code must be removed from both locations. Examples include Anthrax and tequila.

Wht is a marco virus?  these infect data files, such as Word documents or Excel spreadsheets, rather than programs. They are very common and can be difficult and expensive to repair. Macro viruses are written using macro programming languages, designed to allow users to automate tasks within an application. They are easy to produce, so there are now thousands in circulation.

What is a trojan? A Trojan is a virus that hides inside another program. Named after the trojan horse of greek mythology, a computer trojan disguises itself as something else in order to gain access to your computer.

What is a worm? Worms can replicate themselves from computer to computer without infecting a host program, unlike viruses, which must be carried by a host. Although worms are often carried inside another file, usually a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet, they use the host in a different way from a virus.





























Hello world!

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